Bunkhouse Inn | Accommodations
The Bunkhouse Inn was built at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, with the Bob Marshall Wilderness in its backyard.
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There are no phones or tvs here… just a comfy bed, a rocking chair on the front porch, and a fire and cup of coffee inside to keep you in the Augusta state of mind!
Each of our 9 bedrooms is uniquely decorated with it’s own bed configuration. There are three bathrooms, all shared between the 9 bedrooms.

Room 1

Loving referred to as the “Honeymoon Suite” by many of our long time guests, Room 1 has a full size bed, a small dresser and a bench. Located in the very front of the building this room is one of two with bay windows which capture a nice breeze on hot summer nights. You might notice some unique spots on the floor that were patched with tin cans in 1927!

Room 3

Our only room with 2 full size beds – it can sleep 4 if you feel like snuggling! This room also has an antique vanity and stool.

Room 5

The “Fishing” Room has a twin bed, small side table, and a shelf. It’s very small, but very cozy! It’s the perfect room to “catch” some sleep in.

Room 6
A favorite of many of our guests! This room has a full and a twin size bed, a vanity, and a sink! (Probably why it’s a favorite!). A small cloest in the corner gives a little extra room for your bags.

Room 7
The wagon wheel chandelier and old rodeo posters are what give this room the name “Rodeo Room”. With 2 twin beds, an antique dresser, sink, and a bedside table this room sleeps 2 people. There is a small closet with storage space above.

Room 8
This room has one full size bed and other amenities. With slightly more floor space this room is great if you have a little extra baggage you need room to set down!

Room 9
This room has an antique bed frame on the full size bed. It also has a small side table and shelf and mirror.

Room 10
This tiny but comfortable room. A full size bed, side table and small mirror and shelf leave little room for walking around but it’s great for sleeping!

Room 14

Located in the very front of the building this is one of two rooms with a bay window that captures a nice cross breeze. This room has a full size bed and a twin bed, an antique vanity, and side tables. You might notice some oddities on the hard wood floors – these are the floors that are original to the building when it was moved to Augusta in 1927!