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The Bunkhouse Inn was built at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, with the Bob Marshall Wilderness in its backyard.
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Bunkhouse Inn

Augusta’s 105-year-old Bunkhouse Inn changes hands

The search for a simple cabin in the Sun Canyon took an unexpected turn for Donna and Channing Hartelius of Great Falls. Instead of a cabin in the mountains, Donna recently purchased the Bunkhouse Inn, a 1912 hotel on Augusta's Main Street. Channing said it didn't cost any more than buying a place in the mountains, wasn't far from the canyon and came with the opportunity to meet people. The inn includes living quarters. "We said let's see what we can do," he said. "Every hiker or camper has enjoyed our hospitality and said they're coming back next year." He said guests enjoy Augusta's community atmosphere and friendly people. The hotel has had a bar and restaurant, but they're sticking to the more recent tradition of encouraging their guests to enjoy what Augusta already has to offer in bars and...

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